Char-grilled prawn

Char-grilled prawn
Chef: Juan Bayén Pérez
Country: Spain
City: 08002 Barcelona
Address: La Rambla 91, Mercat de la Boqueria 66-67
(+34) 933171731

At the heart of the Boqueria–the famous covered market in the center of Barcelona–the already legendary Juanito Bayén (born in 1934) continues to delight the clients of his bar with simple, delicious recipes. Esqueixada, pickled vegetables, potato and Jabugo ham croquettes, prawns, Padrón peppers, fried baby squid with beans, cap i pota, marinated mussels, anchovies. Amazingly fresh products, superbly prepared. Juanito has turned a simple bar into a sanctuary for eat