Ajoblanco (1996)

Ajoblanco (1996)
La Alquería
Chef: Rafa Morales
Country: Spain
City: 41800 Sanlúcar la Mayor (Sevilla)
Address: Hacienda Benazuza
(+34) 955703344

Reserving a table at El Bulli can be harder than getting a meeting with the Pope, but if you’d like to try some of the dishes created by Ferran Adrià in the past, you can do it at La Alquería. Here, Rafa Morales, who for years worked at El Bulli, reintroduces the recipes that made Adrià famous the world over, like the celebrated ajoblanco with a base of almond ice cream, garlic-perfumed olive oil, vinegar and tender almonds. It’s true that El Bulli is a unique, inimitable restaurant, but La Alquería is remarkably similar to it.