Baba of Williams pear liqueur (2004)

Baba of Williams pear liqueur (2004)
Il Verso del Ghiottone
Chef: Roberto Campogrande y Gilberto Demaria
Country: Italy
City: 12063 Dogliani
Address: Via de Magistris 5
(+39) 0173742074

A dessert in three movements. 1st movement (adagio ma non troppo): Baba of Williams pear liqueur. 2nd movement (allegretto): Bronte pistachio and milk foam with dehydrated orange. 3rd movement (andante cantabile): pear compote, dolcetto (chinchona bark flavored wine) reduction and ginger confit. A small symphony directed with four hands by Roberto Campogrande and Gilberto Demaria, two promising young Piedmontese chefs.