La Credenza

Ensalada de espárragos con brotes y jugo de zanahoria.
Giovanni Grasso
Country: Italy
City: 10077 San Maurizio Canavese
Address: Via Cavour, 22
+39 0119278014
Closed: Sunday nights and Mondays, lunchtime except for Sundays, three weeks in August and one in January.
Price: 80/120 €
Tasting menu:: 60 y 75 €

Giovanni Grasso’s cuisine is above all noble. The use of stellar products is a standard, as is serving them with a good deal of generosity. Product here receives impeccable, methodical preparation. They arrive perfectly done, highlighting their intrinsic qualities. From there the chef conveys his message with two mediums: reinterpreted or reinvented traditional constructions and clearly original articulations, at times quite daring. In keeping with this approach, there is no doubt that the establishment has adopted a modern, personal style, in varying degrees of intensity.