Tuna with crust and mojo sauce

Tuna with crust and mojo sauce
Chef: Juan Mari Arzak
Country: España
City: 20015 San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa)
Address: Avda. José Elosegui, 273
(+ 34) 943285593

Juan Mari Arzak has always favored the great fish and shellfish, with the exception of cod, that make up the classical base of Basque cuisine. He has worked avidly with hake, spider crab, baby squid…and tuna. Foods with which he has achieved inspiring results, recreating ancestral flavors with spectacular style brimming with sophistication.
During the summer months, from June to October, he offers three extraordinary dishes. The most legendary is the belly filet with winter savory and mint-flavored bones. In 2004 he has incorporated the exquisite and delectable tuna salad with smoke...