A Cow In The Meadow

Chef: Massimo Bottura
Country: Italy
City: 41100 Modena
Address: Dirección: Via Stella, 22
(+39) 059220286

Massimo Bottura is a poet whose cup runneth over with culinary idealism. Enthusiastic, exultant, rapturous… his state of mind comes through in his work, irradiating artistic dedication. Such confidence, insistence and even daring have propelled him, in only a few short years, to one of the icons of creative cuisine in all of Italy.
This dish reflects his exuberant fantasy as well as his commitment to green and local cuisine. Landscapes and products are presented from a galactic perspective that is constantly marked by the chef’s character.

The Recipe

4 servings

For the herbal chlorophyll

- 200 g parsley
- 20 g rue
- 20 g wormwood
- 20 g mugwort
- 20 g tarragon
- 20 g de thyme
- 20 g de sweet mint

150 g natural water rich in trace elements

Clean and take the leaves off the herbs.
Wash and drain.
Blanch for 5 seconds into hot water and cool down immediately into water and ice.
Strain and blend with –very cold– natural water, salt and sugar.
Strain through a cloth and let stand the liquid for one night at 2°C in order to get a natural jelly.

For the curd sauce

-Very fresh parmigiano reggiano curd (60g)
-Yogurt made from Bianca modenese cow’s milk (20g)

Let strain the curd for one night over fern leaves. Mix with the yogurt, salt and introduce into a pastry bag.

For the vegetables

20 g baby peas
20 g fresh baby beans
40 g wild asparagus
10 g pea sprouts
1 Szechuan button
5 g mint leaves
5 g Sicilian basil leaves

Separate the asparagus ends from the stalks and blend the latter. Introduce it all into a vacuum-bag together with some basil leaves.
Cook into the Roner at 75°C for 5 minutes. Cool down into a flash freezer and let stand for 12 hours.

Pod the beans and cut the Szechuan button into 4 pieces.

Carefully wash the remaining vegetables into very cold water.

For the powdered pea ice cream

-500 g fresh peas

Pod and peel the peas. Freeze them into the flash freezer.
Blend until obtaining a very fine powder.

For the cream infusion

300 g cream made with fresh Bianca modenese cow’s milk
8 g freshly ground Szechuan pepper

Vacuum-pack and infuse for 3 hours at 80°C.
Cool down and set aside.


Arrange the vegetables, the leaves and the sprouts in the centre of the plate. Season with a few drops of lemon essential oil.
Sprinkle some aromatic chlorophyll around.
Add a spoonful curd and finish with the ice cream powder.
Give the final touch in front of the guest with the infusion at 70°C