Creative version of classic Borsch

Chef: Adrian Quetglas
Country: Russia
City: 119034 Moscu
Address: Soymonovsky, built 1

Adrian Quetglas, an Argentine forged professionally in Spain and located in Moscow, is a learned, talented chef who focuses on the most emblematic delicacies in Russia, reinventing them within a modern haute cuisine framework. Some of his proposals include different recreations of the Olivier salad that are truly extraordinary, as well as other dishes, among which the borsch is a shining example. His is a version that preserves the spirit of the dish, sociologically speaking, but sees it strengthened by other added qualities, like the immaculate flavors, the freshness, the sapid complexity and technique, the color… with the beetroot appearing in all its splendor: a consommé of the beet with vegetables and meat with beet jelly ravioli stuffed with sour cream, potato and onion, served with carpaccio, dill and potato chips, among other delicacies. With utter confidence, this is the most refined, light and artistic borsch in history.

The Recipe