Foamy cream of egg with maría cookie ice cream and cinnamon caramel

Estrella del Bajo Carrión
Chef: Alfonso Pedrosa
Country: Spain
City: 34131 Villoldo (Palencia)
Address: Ctra. Palencia-Riaño, km 29.6, dentro de la población.
(+34) 979827005

There will surely be those who disqualify this proposal for its simplicity and perhaps passé quality. Apparently deconstructions are now old-fashioned and to practice them is relatively simple: imagine following a method – to deconstruct and alter the elements. Seriously, no one but a chef with a bit of talent can imagine what is going to incite desire in the mind of the gourmet. Think of simple dishes like Spanish potato tortillas, garlic soup… and desserts like arroz con leche, Mandarin flan, etc. This intellectual critique is left only with its words when confronted with what is evident: the “foamy cream of egg with María cookie ice cream and cinnamon caramel” provokes an uncontainable gastronomic orgasm and, technically speaking, the dish deserves an “A”. What more can one ask for? Ethereal and delicate foam of cream, super creamy María cookie ice cream and an exquisite, fragrant cinnamon caramel. Euphoric. And further more, it represents an exuberant recuperation of childhood flavors that only lived on in the memories.

The Recipe