Liquid escarole salad, buffalo cheese consommé, bread and anchovy shavings

Restaurante Villa Crespi
Chef: Antonino Cannavacciuolo
Country: Italy
City: Orta San Giulio (No)
Address: Via G. Fava 18

A worthy preparation that captures all the spirit and history of chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo. The liquid escarole emulsion is poured over a bed of delicate, buttery buffalo cream cheese (burrata). The dish is then completed by a strip of breadcrumbs, pieces of anchovy and aromatic herbs: so simple yet with so much impact! It has everything to do with the ingredients, the perfumes and flavors wrought from the chef’s native region (Campagna), contrasted with reminiscences of the Mediterranean, represented by the Eugenio Pol bread (baker from Fobello, in the high valley of Sesia, at the foot of Monte Rosa in the Piedmont region). In short, it is a voyage from north to south made in a blink of the eyes… and mouth. Everything is a game based on balance: the creamy, unctuous qualities of the burrata, the acidity and freshness of the escarole, the intensity of the anchovies, the perfumes of the herbs and the mountain bread, with its crispiness and fragrance, evoking the rustic aromas and hearth fires of a mountain inn. Ingredients of a humble cuisine ennobled by the hands of the chef.

The Recipe