Salted goose egg, chard stalks with saffron and white Martini

Huevo de Oca en Salazón, Pencas al Azafrán  y Martini Blanco
Chef: Álvaro Garrido
Country: España
City: 48003 Bilbao (Vizcaya).
Address: Muelle Marzana, S/n

In his restaurant Mina (Bilbao), Álvaro Garrido has been able to insert modern haute cuisine into a project that perfectly fits with a new vision of restaurant: minimal infrastructure and minimal luxury possible; in short, minimal added value, but with maximal gastronomic weight. Maturity, clairvoyance, good taste, … are some of the virtues of this chef destined to be a number one (8,5), who decided to offer just one single open menu.
An outstanding example –among many others– that confirms the mentioned qualities is the marinated goose egg, inspired by Carlo Cracco’s technique, but quite different, served with chard stalks, chard leaves juice and a creamy and foamy hen sauce perfumed with saffron which perfectly mingles with the vegetables strips, accompanied with some dices of white Martini jelly that bring some joy and counterpoints. This dish could not be any more ingenious, simple and economic. A real pleasure.

The Recipe

 For the marinated egg:
• 1 goose egg (euskal-antzara variety, slow product) per serving
• 400 g sugar
• 600 g salt
• Olive oil
Mix salt and sugar and put a layer on a tray. Lay the egg yolk and cover completely for about one and a half hour.
Immerse the cured egg yolks into a bowl with water in order to remove all the exceeding sugar and salt. Keep until use.

For the stalks:
• 100 g chard stalks
• Chard leaves
• 150 g chicken broth
• 100 g cream
• 25 g butter
• Saffron
Cut the stalks into 5 cm-long pieces, as thin as possible, like spaghetti. Blanch into boiling water, remove and cool down with water and ice. Separately, make a broth with the cream, hen broth, saffron and butter until obtaining the consistency of a sauce.
Blanch the chard leaves and blend them to obtain some chard juice. Add some soy lecithin.

For the white Martini jelly:
• 300 g white Martini
• 0.4 g agar-agar
• 10x20 cm rectangular mould
Separate 50 g white Martini into a small saucepan. Mix cold with the agar-agar until completely dissolved. Bring to a boil and mix in a bowl with the remaining Martini. Put the whole into the mould and let stand in the fridge.


Just before serving, put the goose egg yolks on a tray with olive oil and heat in the oven.
Immerse the chard stalks into the saffron sauce and bring to a boil. Once hot, place them in the bottom of a soup dish. Surround with the foamy juice made with the chard leaves as if it were egg white. Decorate with four Martini gelatinous dices on the four cardinal points.