Agerria Duck Foie Gras Entier Mi-Cuit

SARL Agerria Dupuy Danel

Country: France
City: 64430 Saint Etienne de Baigorry
Address: Quartier Gurermiette
(+34) 944464041
Price: 22 € for a 210 g jar

A classic foie gras, classic in its nobility, exceptionally noble in its artisanship, prepared according to tradition. Its flavor, substantial and refined, is one historically identified with this delicacy. The taste is clean, pure, dazzling, even if there is a certain sweet aftertaste derived from the sugar in the seasoning. Excellent flavor coupled with a texture that lives up to it: extraordinarily creamy.
All the Agerria ducks are raised and fed on the farm that this company owns in Saint-Étienne-de -Baïgorry. Annual production is up to approximately 8,000 animals.
It is sold in 130 and 210 gram jars, the latter being the preferred choice.