Anikó Tangerine Marmalade


Country: Italy
City: 60019 Senigallia (Ancona)
Address: Piazza Saffi, 10
(+39) 0717931228
Price: €6,50 and €15 for jars of 100 and 345g

Reputable chef Moreno Cedroni, who owns the Madonnina del Pescatore restaurant in Senigallia, is the author of this select and luxurious line of marmalades for this company, with different fruit flavors, among which we have highlighted the tangerine.

The presentation makes all the difference, in stylish glass jars designed to enhance the beauty of their contents. Specifically, it consists of a light, brilliant gelatin with the hue of the fruit, if not slightly more yellow. This texture must be considered unique and revolutionary in the field of marmalades—supremely delicate, fragile, light, and airy… it volatizes incredibly on the palate. The flavor is of immensely pure tangerine, whose fragrances it also releases. Just a hint of excess sweetness, though not cloying, keeps us from giving it a higher rating.