Anne Rozès Hure de Porc

Anne Rozès

Country: France
City: 64990 Lahonce
Address: Premin de Pédegain
(+33) 0559315609
Price: €2.50 and €8.40 for cans of 200 and 800g

Hure de porc of Christian Parra. A representative example of the best French country charcuterie. This is a type of very special paté made from pork fat rinds, sausage, garlic, carrots, onions, salt, pepper and Espelette pepper. It has immense flavor that is clearly identifiable with pork. The texture is very well executed: it combines juiciness with meaty and gelatinous accents. Quite heavily spiced. The accompanying juice is wonderful, intense and gelatinous. Truly gourmand.