Auberge Iparla Blood Pudding

Auberge Iparla

Country: France
City: 64780 Bidarray
Address: Chemin de l’église, Bordaberria
(+33) 0559377721
Price: 22 € a 560g tin

Alain Ducasse has contributed to the worldwide fame of this extremely noble blood sausage, using it in some of the restaurants he manages. It is produced in one of the establishments he directs, Auberge Iparla.

Its presence, texture and flavor embody a gluttonous conception, as rustic as it is gratifying. Its texture is dense and thick, like a pate with blood and accompaniments; the ingredients, most importantly the pork, are impeccably done, making them melt in your mouth. Pantagruelian consistency reflected on the palate, where its immense intensity is combined with refinement: the lean pork meat and gelatin, aromas, seasoning—all is expressed with equilibrium in its potency. It warms the mouth, reddens the cheeks…but even its piquancy is in its place.

Composed of pork, blood, leeks, onions, garlic, Espelette pepper, salt and spices.