Barolo Chinato Ceretto Guido Gobino Praline

Guido Gobino

Country: Italy
City: 10153 Torino
Address: Via Cagliari, 15-B
(+39) 0112476245
Price: 9,5 € the 70 g box

A Piedmont bonbon of universal appeal. On top of the traditional ingredients, they also contain hazelnut and wine from the region, specifically that of the prestigious winery Ceretto… elements that give character to the bonbon.
One notices first its beauty, with an impressive, clean elegance, then the richness of textures, with several similar consistencies, creamy, gradual and complementary. Lastly, the flavor – exquisite, beautiful, a noble chocolate, bringing out the presence of the hazelnut, vanilla and Barolo wine, accentuating the characteristic astringency of the cacao, expressed with subtlety. A perfect pairing of bitter and sweet. In short, a highly refined bonbon with sensible originality.
Sold in 70 gram packets, containing 9 chocolates each.