Brisamar White Prawn Cream

Mariscos Mendez

Country: Spain
City: 21002 Huelva
Address: Pol. Pesquero Norte, s/n
(+34) 959281785
Price: 3 € for 85 g jar

This company, famous in Huelva for selling the finest prawns and Norway lobsters from the area, offers a series of pre-prepared dishes, starting with these impeccable crustaceans. Here they offer a genuine, traditional shellfish cream flavor, made with 34% prawns, with a clean, straightforward taste of the prawn meat and a fumet made with the shells. It has the shape of a modern pudding, with neither cream nor egg, impeccably thickened, gelatinized, with a delicious, buttery texture (no butter used, however). It is presented molded into rectangular pieces with a traditional white prawn color and a lustrous surface.