Caffé Sicilia Bergamot Marmalade

Caffè Sicilia di Corrado e Carlo Assenza & C.

Country: Italy
City: 92017 Noto (Siracusa, Sicilia)
Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 125
(+39) 0931835013
Price: 5,50 € a 200 gram jar

A sybaritic product of great substance, made for very special consumers that seek out different flavors. You will find fruit, a lot of fruit, predominating over the sugar, which is in the correct, balanced quantity. The bergamot stands out, as it should, with acidity and bitterness, wonderfully refreshing sensations that perfectly balance out the sweetness: counterpoints that provide exquisite complexity. The fruit is here in beautiful pieces that allow your tongue to revel in its texture.

It can be served for breakfast as well as to give a sophisticated note to a dish.