Casa Eceiza Liquid Chocolate Fondant

Casa Eceiza

Country: Spain
City: 20490 Lizartza
Address: Irunzubi, 2
(+34) 943671399
Price: Retail price for 2 pieces: 3,99 €

A dessert inspired by the most famous sweet creation in decades: the renowned and universal “Coulant” from Michel Bras–a work that has been recreated by hundreds of restaurants across the globe, inspiring numerous variations on the theme. Bras himself has industrialized the dessert, developing a commercial spectrum of truly commendable recipes. That is precisely the case with this fondant, boasting a crispy, delicious exterior composed of timeless flavors: cocoa, butter, egg yolk and almond, which give way to a torrent of liquid chocolate inside, expressed in a clean manner. It has a charming textural contrast and an easy, gratifying flavor.
It needs a little more heat than what is indicated on the box: 15 minutes at 200ºC/392ºF in the oven.