Coppa Di Cinta Senese Le Macchie (Paolo Parisi)

Azienda Agricola Le Macchie

Country: Italy
City: 56035 Usigliano di Lari (Pi)
Address: Via delle Macchie, 2
Price: 34,1

Gastronomic artisanship exalts the most famous Italian pork to its greatest splendor. The artifice, Paolo Parisi, is a man from the country who loves his nature, livestock, authenticity, tradition, knowledge… and is devoted to history. He offers us this head of “cinta Sienese”, a noble “prosciutto” of medium cure (8 months), distinguished for its delicacy, sweetness and tenderness. Its sapid nobility fills the mouth with natural magnificence, wonderfully balancing the lean and fatty meat; succulent, juicy and meaty. Easy to eat, it urges one to indulge.