Dried Tomatoes In San Cassiano Olive Oil

Cascina San Cassiano S.R.L.

Country: Italy
City: 12051 Alba (CN)
Address: San Cassiano, 4
(+39) 0173282638
Price: 6,5 € for the 280 g jar

Excellent dried tomatoes that largely preserve their natural characteristics – not overly dried – offering a fresher flavor and a character that is essentially tomato. The elements of sweetness and acidity are blended in perfect harmony. Consequentially, there is more meaty skin than usually found with this type of product. Packaged in olive oil to preserve and strengthen the juiciness of the fruit.

They can be used with pasta, rice, salads, fish… an infinity of possibilities. For more refinement, the tomatoes can actually be peeled to serve only the pulp.