Ferrarini Zampone Di Modena

Ferrarini SRL

Country: Italy
City: 42100 Reggio Emilia
Address: Via Rivaltella, 3
(+39) 05229321
Price: 15 € / kg

If there is one succulent, gargantuesque and pantagruesque product that answers to the cleverest of rusticities, it’s zampone. It has the (reconstructed) identity of a hog’s leg, deboned save for the four bones in the hoof, making the pig’s extremity that much more real; and covered in the gelatinous natural skin. It is stuffed with pork loin and fat, all minced into chewable pieces. Gastronomically, what stands out is the exuberant gelatinousness; the wonderful juiciness; the gourmand tastiness; and the outstanding seasoning, rich and balanced in herbs as well as pepper.

Preparation requires cooking it for 30 minutes in the same bag in which it is presented, after which we recommend broiling it so that the gelatinous skin around the meat becomes crispy; for this, it must be placed under the broiler and turned periodically so that it browns and crisps evenly around the outside.

It is typically eaten in the winter and, above all, at New Year’s, to accompany the requisite lentils.