Gâteau Basque Artizarra


Country: France
City: 64220 Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port
Address: 17, Rue d´Espagne
(+33) 0559370334
Price: 5 €

The assertion written on the protective box it comes in leaves no room for doubt: the king of the Basque gâteau. What’s more, the assertion is absolutely correct: it is the best, and by a clear margin. The tart, except for a few marked differences, is generally dense, compact, beautiful, decadent… But here, it is incredibly refined and light yet preserves its idiosyncrasy. Though conceptually traditional, it is remarkably good. With all probability, the secret is in the butter and the balance of flavors, as well as the exquisiteness that it transmits. Moreover, it embodies a sweetness that is not overly so. The aromas hint at vanilla, but there are those who interpret fragrances of almond as well, though they are not found in the list of ingredients. Even the cream, unbelievable though it might seem, is perfectly smooth. The sublimation of the Basque gâteau.