Green Onions in Modema Balsamic Vinegar Acetaia Bellei

Acetaia Bellei

Country: Italy
City: 41017 Casino di Ravarino (MO)
Address: Via Nouva, 55/ C
(+39) 059909111
Price: 2 € for 290 g jar

Small Borettana onions that preserve their textural and sapid identity remarkably well through conservation in a mixture of Balsamic vinegar reduced with water, sugar and salt. They have a crisp, meaty, al dente consistency. The flavor of the vinegar prevails, expressing itself in a diminished manner, without aggression, bringing forth a mild sweet and sour sensation, balanced and pleasant, that is both refreshing and enticing.
They can be eaten plain or dressed with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil to serve as a starter or side dish, with meat, for example.