Martiko Duck Confit


Country: Spain
City: 31780 Bera-Vera de Bidasoa (Navarra)
Address: Pol. Zelain, s/n
(+34) 948625016
Price: 8.37 € for a can of two legs

Undoubtedly, we know of no other confit in the world that surpasses Martiko, even the most artisanal and celebrated in France which unfortunately almost all fall victim to the same fate: ancient preparations with deathly gastronomic consequences. On the contrary, Peio Martikorena has broken the mold by knowing how to bring a concept to reality and adjust for the prevailing values existent in modern haute cuisine. In other words, the meats used for the Martiko confits stand out for their natural flavor – exultantly juicy, manifestly tender and made attractive by their fattened aspect, a consequence of the technique and preparation time that preserve the intrinsic qualities of the web-footed creature.

The wings and delights are prepared equally as well as the legs, even if the latter can be considered superior to the former in so far as size and presence. Although it may seem paradoxical, the products that are sold as preserves are actually better than the semi-preserves, or in other words, those sold in cans rather than vacuum-sealed plastic packages or cardboard containers.

And one more thing: its quality-price ratio is unbeatable.