Mozzarella di Bufala Campana Dop Casa Madaio

Casa Madaio SRL

Country: Italy
City: Eboli (Sa)
Address: Via Serracapilli
(+39) 0825364815
Price: 12,14 € the kilo

Milk in all its splendor. A milk that is fresh, substantial, concentrated and full of character… of buffalo. It comes from a small farm situated in the coastal side of Cilento National Park. It has a delicate, balanced flavor, pure, lactic, creamy, that insinuates floral and herbal sensations, with a very subtle and enriching acidity and a perfect, moderate seasoning. It explodes in the mouth as you sink your teeth into it, gummy, creamy and grainy at the same time, fleeting and tender. White porcelain in color.

It is sold in various weights and shapes. Store between 4-10ºC. Consume between 15-17ºC. The fresher, the better as it diminishes with each passing day.