Pane Carasatu Guttiatu

Pane Carasatu Guttiatu
Panificio Giulio Bullani e figli, S.R.L.

Country: Italia
City: 08021 Bitti (NU)
Address: Via Minerva, 8
(+39) 0784415182
Price: Around € 4.55 and 11.26 for 100 and 500 g boxes

Traditional, charming, artisan bread from Sardinia, created by a sixty-something woman who prepares it, with the help of her six children, like no one else. It is a kind of cake with an infinite amount of incredibly fine crusts that make up a sort of round mille-feuille. The flavor is noble, authentic, gently enriched with olive oil, refined and rustic all at once, in perfect symbiosis. The texture, sublimely delicate, crispy, unbelievably crunchy, without the appearance of crumbs… unique and superb. It provokes an insatiable sensation. Made with ground semolina flour, water, yeast, salt and extra virgin olive oil. They also make another version without olive oil.
It can be used in cuisine, giving it moisture to create different shapes and characteristics. For example, crepes, crispy flatbread, gazpachos from the Manchego region, etc., displaying the crispy texture from its natural state while acquiring another that is more spongy and soup-like.