Particella 34 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pianogrillo Azienda Agricola

Country: Italy
City: 97100 Chiaramonte Gulfi (Sicilia)
Address: Contrada Pianogrillo, 8
(+39) 338.8193102
Price: 13 € direct price of 500 ml bottles

Extremely aromatic and at the same time extraordinarily delicate, as is characteristic of the Sicilian olive oils, with distinctive hints of herbs and tomato leaves that awaken sensations of vegetables; fresh and seductive. The fruitiness expands on the palate, with acidic, and in particular, bitter tones, expressed with great subtlety. So elegant, balanced, and round that one can make out a spiciness. The aftertaste reflects the olive, artichoke, and tomato, demonstrating its liveliness and complexity.

15.000 bottles produced.