Pasta -Spaghetti- Two Flavor, Two Color Sandro Desii

Sandro Desii Actividades Gastronómicas, S.L.

Country: Spain
City: 08292 Esparraguera (Barcelona)
Address: Pol. Ind. Can Sedó, c/ Manyans, 1
(+34) 937775750
Price: 3.3 € for 250 g package

Sandro Desii, one of the most brilliant minds in Spanish gastronomy, proposes something beyond pasta: to surpass the quality and forms of his native country. In regard to the first aspect, his stature is on par with the greatest of Italy; with respect to the second, his imagination has broken all the boundaries. The last and most brilliant example we have seen is this spaghetti: spinach and carrot on one side, egg and baby squid ink on the other. In both cases – inspired by baby eels – he has achieved, through a truly artisanal revolutionary process, to combine two colors and two flavors. The result: spaghetti that is surprising to look at, with the beautiful colors, as well as one that expresses a clean, dignified flavor with a texture that is delightful to eat.