Piemme Babà Sorrento al Rhum

Piemme s.r.l.

Country: Italy
City: 80065 Sant Agnello (Na)
Address: Corsoo Italia, 374
(+39) 0815322199
Price: 16 € the 650g jar

For a babà—an individual mushroom-shaped dessert with leavened dough—to retain its quality in a can is no small feat. Being soaked in a rum syrup (water, alcohol, sugar, etc.) gives it a certain degree of sponginess and a lot of flavor; the very balanced aromatization of the liquid, probably with vanilla, also adds to it. The cake is just slightly too floury, though the flavor and texture are corrected by the syrup. In short, a true drunken sponge cake for the drunk.

Also sold with limoncello.