Pierre Marcolini Grand Cru Fleur de Cacao Chocolates

Chocolates Pierre Marcolini

Country: Belgium
City: 1000 Bruselas (Bélgica)
Address: Rue des Minimes, 1
(+32) 025141206
Price: € 3,75 for an 80g bar

Traveling to Belgium, especially Brussels, entails a visit to one of the shops of the most famous chocolatier in the country, whose best designed establishment is at the address listed above. A two-floor exhibit of all kinds of sweets, with cocoa-centric taking center stage. The bonbon display is amazing, with more than 25 types, both conventional and exotic, and all elegant and technically very accomplished.

No less important are the chocolate bars, also very varied. We have given this article the title above, but there are others that are just as good, such as Marcolini Limited Edition, Pure Origine Madagascar, Pure Origine Java, etc.

Grand Cru Fleur de Cacao has 85% different cocoas, selected and combined by this prestigious confectioner and perfumed with Tahitian vanilla. The technique in the workmanship stands out, the result of which is refined, creamy and full-flavored. Extraordinary aroma that is delicate at the same time, in which bitterness and an acidic note are present. It has an easy, singular character.