Régis Marcon “Homemade” Lentil Preserves

Regis Marcon

Country: France
City: 43290 Saint Bonnet-le-Froid
Address: Le Village
(+33) 0471599372
Price: 5 € the 210 g jar

You have to see it to believe it. Régis Marcon of the “Auberge et Clos des Cimes” comes out of this deadly triple jump triumphantly. He maintains the identity of the lentil perfectly, while converting it into a fine sweet infused with magical touches of vanilla, ginger and citrus - a testimony to the abilities of this marvelous chef. Very interesting, with wild notes of chestnut and clove that stand out.

Comprised of 59% green lentils of Puy, 40% cane sugar and 1% of vanilla, ginger and citrus.