Rice Acquerello

Rondolino Piccolo Società Cooperativa Agricola

Country: Italy
City: 13046 Livorno Ferraris
Address: Tenuta Colombara
(+39) 0161477832
Price: 500 g., 1 Kg y 2,5 Kg: 7, 12 y 21 €

The Rondolino family, whose tradition with rice dates back to 1859, began cultivating Acquerello in 1991. In honor of its supreme quality they reduced their harvesting area from 600 to 130 hectares. They sow the land exclusively with this carneroli variety as well as adhering to all the requirements to be considered an organic producer. This is a truly artisan, select rice that is nurtured with the most innovative methods and technologies, produced in very limited quantities in order to obtain the highest quality possible. It is sold in vacuum-sealed packages.
A small, white, beautiful grain, it grows to 2 1/2 times its original sized when cooked. Employing a precise cooking time preserves a homogenous, uniform consistency, absorbing an important part of the stock but not to be overly seasoned so that it maintains its full identity and exquisite flavor of rice. This balance between its own identity and that which it takes on from other elements distinguishes it, as well as its consistency – it is hard to overcook it if one takes a little care in its preparation.
Ideal for risottos and similar preparations.