Saint-Marcellin l’Étoile du Vercors Sélection Cheese

Fromagerie l'Étoile du Vercors

Country: France
City: 38680 Saint-Just-de-Claix (Isère)
Address: Les Loyes
Price: 1,3 € the piece of 80 g

An extraordinary cheese of raw cow’s milk elaborated in a small portion that demands attention for its soft, creamy texture. It melts unctuously in the mouth with its lactic density, and joins together facility and nobility at the same time. One notes the purity and concentration of the milk, and the magnificent technique of elaboration, leaving out the flavors that clash in the raw material.

This same dairy also produces other St. Marcellin, like the Tentation, with 70% milk fat, in pieces of 200 grams, that has a little less flavor but a more creamy texture.