Salami di Cinta Senese Aia della Colonna

Azienda Agricola Aia della Colonna

Country: Italy
City: 58050 Grosseto
Address: Via Santa Caterina
(+39) 0564986110
Price: 33 € per Kg

A very special salami, made from a noble and beautiful hog that gives it strong character. The presence of pig fat stands out significantly, ground in good quantity, certainly equaling the pork loin that completes it. This gives it great succulence, to which the seasoning also contributes—it is sharp, more in salt than pepper, which gives it a rousing aroma, and it is well portioned. Flavorful, very tasty, tender and buttery, though the exterior section, the edge, is a bit more compact. Each salami is cured for a minimum of 4 months.