Semi-Tinned And Entire Duck Foie Gras Martiko


Country: Spain
City: 31780-Bera-Vera de Bidasoa (Navarra).
Address: Pol. Zalain, s/n.
(+34) 948625016
Price: 63 € per kilo

Martiko, a symbol of Spanish duck conserves, markets its top quality products – whole and semi-tinned – three different ways: the terrine, weighing one kilo, is vacuum packed and presented in an attractive cardboard box; at 500 grams they arrive oval-shaped in bags; and the smallest amount available, 190 grams, is sold in crystal jars. Once opened, remove the yellow film and cut the pieces of magnificent whole livers (covered lightly in their own fat) into slices. The meat exudes a beautiful, creamy, rose-colored tone. The veins are practically non-existent. Its delicate flavor is astonishing both in its refinement and balance, resulting in a subtly sweet undertone. The texture is sublime, melting in the mouth as if it were a slice of butter… in other words, a true delicacy.

It can be conserved up to three months if refrigerated between 0 and 5º C.