Smoked Salmon (Filet) Martiko


Country: Spain
City: 31780 Bera (Navarra)
Address: Pol. Zelain, s/n
(+34) 948625016
Price: 23 € the kilo

This is the finest gourmet salmon that Martiko offers, sold in beautiful, filet cuts (500/600 grams each) taken from large, full filet pieces – 6-8 kilos – treasuring the body, oils and succulence of the fish. It can be cut according to personal taste, in thin, traditional slices or in pieces and cubes to be served as a dish, a technique that preserves the intrinsic qualities and gastronomic values more than the sliced approach. Consistent, meaty, juicy, and wildly flavorful… filling the mouth with pure salmon flavor, subtly perfumed with noble woods (oak and beech from the Black Forest), and smoked in a way that enriches the fish flavors without affecting its natural identity.