Tartufi Bianco Freschi Tartuflanghe


Country: Italy
City: 12040 Piobesi D’Alba (CN)
Address: Catena Rossa, 7
(+39) 0173361414
Price: Depending on the season: Between 4,500 and 5,500 €

Paolo Montanaro’s company, along with his sister Stefania, collects the most exquisite selection of white truffles in their most exultant state of freshness. Pieces that demonstrate exuberant aromas, the finest, with a clean distinction in quality and intensity in the gastronomic world. Nothing is comparable in fragrances with the white truffle. Powerful and varied aromas of the earth, minerals, moisture, methane… and so many others, enormously singular and beautiful. Sensations that are expressed in a magical way, raw, freshly grated and never cooked.