San Marco

Mariuccia Ferrero
Mariuccia Ferrero
Country: Italy
City: 14053 Canelli (Asti)
Address: Via Alba, 136
(+39) 0141823544
Closed: Tuesday evenings, Wednesdays and from 7/20 to 8/12
Price: 70/100 €

  • Taglierini hechos a mano con guiso a la piamontesa
  • Taglierini hechos a mano con guiso a la piamontesa
  • Agnolottini dal 'plin' en servilleta
  • Agnolottini dal 'plin' en servilleta

A restaurant, owned by Mariuccia and Pier Carlo Ferrero, traditional and rustic in style, evident in regional dishes as well as in academic preparations. In both cases what stands out is abundance, copiousness, baroque-ism…in aesthetics as well as flavor. Theoretically and practically classic recipes that express succulence and substance, providing basic pleasure. It is precisely the primary flavors, in many cases of exceptional ingredients, and the historical, permanent flavors, that steal the heart of the diner seated at the table of this bourgeois Piedmontese establishment.

The seasons play a very important role. Pier Carlo is one of the greatest expert gatherers of white truffles, whose association he presides over. Therefore, in the wintertime this restaurant offers unmatched specimens, filling the room with amazingly exuberant fragrances emanating from a multitude of dishes. Monferrato tartufo bianco in abundance, as much as the wallet can handle, as neither one’s nose nor one’s taste buds will be satiated. Best when they accompany Mariuccia’s star dish: the butter agnolottini dal “plin”, which is nothing less than an infinity (never better said) of tiny ravioli wrapped in a string napkin, devoured uncontainably for their deliciousness and juiciness. Mamma mia, what pasta! When out of season, the truffles are replaced by pepper and Parmesan, making the dish just as unforgettable for its intrinsic value.

And pasta a second time, for the other great specialty of the house are the fresh taglierini, extremely fresh and beautifully handmade by the chef, served with a very rich ancestral rabbit ragout that recalls childhood flavors. A brilliant excess with 40 egg yolks in its dough per kilo of flour.

And to start, eel marinated in moscato with grapes and pine nuts; or foie gras escalopes with onion confit and brioche; or steamed artichokes with country cotechino (sausage) in Raschera fondue. And to follow, suckling pig filet with Barbera d’Asti sauce and black truffles; or a veal shoulder fassona braised with Barbera d’Asti; or a rack of lamb with similar complements. And among the desserts, the Monferrina cream, gratinée with cane sugar, stands out.

In addition, there is a tempting assortment of artisanal cheeses, a wine list befitting the region, family-style service, a simple and pleasant mise-en-scène…a restaurant that fits the countryside and the country folk.