Villaester 01

Villaester 01
Viñedos de Villaester

Type: Tinto
Country: Spain
Region: Toro
City: 47540 Villaester de Arriba (Valladolid)
(+34) 948645008
Year established: 2003
Production (bottles): 5.030
Vineyard area: 100, San Román de Hornija, Villaester, Gallineros, Bardales, Villabuena, Villafranca de Duero
Brands: Villaester, Taurus
Price: 24 €

It has more strength than depth, a characteristic of almost all Toro wines, rustic by nature. Nevertheless, Juan Ignacio Velasco has attained a milestone as far as refinement is concerned in the region—he has tempered the expressions and the attitude of this bold red.

Immensely fruity, a quality that dominates with notes of black currant and fruit skins. In addition to a select grape (it is produced with Tinta de Toro), notes from aging are noticeable (it was aged for 16 months in Allier French oak barrels); toast, present with precision as well as spices, vanilla and cinnamon. Structured, full bodied, tannic and warm.