Anchovies with ratatouille (1987)

Anchovies with ratatouille (1987)
Chef: Patxi Bergara
Country: Spain
City: 20002 San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa)
Address: General Artetxe, 8
(+34) 943275026

According to Rafael García Santos, and not without good reason, “Patxi Bergara has done for pinchos (skewered tapas) what Juan Mari Arzak, founder of New Basque Cuisine, has done for the restaurant world in general ". In his establishment located in Gros, a neighborhood largely unknown to foreign tourists, Patxi brings nobility to humble ingredients, transforming them into masterpieces of miniature cuisine. Aside from these splendid anchovies with ratatouille, don’t miss the fabulous cod ajoarriero, the calamari with onions and the unforgettable anchovy tortilla.