Char-grilled baby squid with a touch of spice sea lettuce broth with black shallots

Guggenheim Bilbao
Chef: Josean Martínez Alija
Country: Spain
City: 48001 Bilbao(Vizcaya)
Address: Abandoibarra Etorbidea, 2
(+34) 944239333

More than one guest has been known to ask what is in this dish. The answer: lucidity. Josean Martínez Alija is a chef capable of marking a difference by establishing the message and the components. He preserves the identity of the baby squid here completely, using small specimens in the summer and, when none are available, rings of begi haundi (larger squid). He then gives the dish a few graceful touches, including a lightly smoked flavor that intensifies the rustic impression and a light spice from the garlic and cayenne pepper. A lucidity that goes beyond the main ingredient and into the complements: broth and garnish. The broth intensifies the marine element of the cephalopod, which is more clearly distinguished by the sea lettuce. The garnish is sapid and colorful: sweet, glazed black shallots – blackened by the squid ink. A faint memory of traditional flavors created with boastful genius.

The Recipe