Cod tripe, rabbit and salmon roe

Cod tripe, rabbit and salmon roe
Chef: Carlo Cracco
Country: Italia
City: 20123 Milano
Address: Victor Hugo, 4
(+39) 02876774

The minimalism and the originality of Carlo Cracco’s cookery are fully reflected in this recipe, which is quite different from the usual Spanish cod tripe’s. In this case, the tripe plays a double role and act both as main ingredient and sauce. The gelatinous texture is reinforced by a liquid one. All the marine taste and the sticky and viscous texture contrast with the meaty taste and the fleshy consistency of the rabbit threads. The third element that comes into play and also bring some sapid and tactile substance is the salmon roe. From a very personal and different point of view (compared to the Spanish recipes), this is the most attractive and decisive cod tripe dish we have tasted in years.

The Recipe

Cod tripe
500 g cod tripe
60 g white onion
50 g carrot
40 g celery
40 g potato
700 g fish fumet

Remove the skin of the tripe and julienne. Grind the onion, the carrot and the potato, brown and add the tripe previously sautéed. Cover with the fumet, salt and cook for 40 minutes until the sauce binds.

3 l water
1 carrot
1 onion
1 celery stalk
1 bay leaf
1 clove
70 g rock salt
1 cleaned rabbit
Extra virgin olive oil

Make a vegetal broth and cook the cleaned and cut up rabbit for 3 hours at 85°C.
Leave to stand into its water for 1 hour, bone and flake. Preserve into olive oil.

Salmon roe
70 g salmon roe
50 g cold milk

Leave the roe for 30 minutes into the cold milk before serving.

In the plate, pour 2 spoonful of tripe with its bound sauce, add 3 pieces of drained rabbit (free of oil) and finish with 12 pieces of salmon roe and a bit of milk from the marinade.