Dried Octopus Over Cabbage Salad

Pulpo Seco Sobre Ensalada De Berza
Chef: Rosa Macías
Country: España
City: 18014 - Granada
Address: Carretera de Jaén, 54
(+34) 958157004

Dried octopus is a simple Mediterranean product surviving from the times the Phoenicians first introduced it to the Spanish coast, where it endured for centuries as fishermen’s food. Although in the majority of beachside cafes that still happen to offer it as a tapa, it is usually presented in an unappetizing way with a gummy or chewy texture. What’s certain, is that this masterful combination with cabbage salad, proposed by Rosa Macías at FM, together with the insight of her husband, Paco Martín, in the selection and preparation of the product, has transformed this combination of modest ingredients into an exceptional informal recipe that plays with spectacular visual, textural and flavorful contrasts. The succulent, elasticity of the immaculate cephalopod and its toasted skin, full of flavor from the Maillard reaction, countersigned by the subtle sweet aftertaste and crispiness of the cabbage. In short, an ancient recipe of the Motril coast elevated to popular haute cuisine.

The Recipe


(Serves 4)

  • 200 g semi-dried octopus*
  • 100 g white cabbage
  • 5 ml light vinegar of virgin olive oil

*For the semi-dried octopus: buy 6-8 kg of octopus legs, recently captured if possible. Once separated from the body, immerse the legs in 4% brine for 12 hours, “massaging” them periodically and according to technique. Drain, hang them and let dry for 2-3 days, depending on whether it is summer or winter, under a fan. Afterwards, store them at 4-6ºC.


When ready, take the legs, whole, and grill them on low heat until the skin is toasted. Follow by thinly cutting the legs with a sharp knife into oval slices.
Coarsely chop (more or less in proportion to the diameter of the octopus slices) the white cabbage leaves and dress them with the mild vinaigrette of extra virgin olive oil.
Cover the bottom of the plate with the cabbage salad and top with the dried octopus slices.
A bit of advice: in order to produce the desired textural contrast, it is recommended to pair each bite of octopus slice with a corresponding portion of the cabbage salad.