Truffle Soup With Pistachio And Tangerine Air

Truffle Soup With Pistachio And Tangerine Air
El Bulli
Chef: Ferran Adrià
Country: España
City: 17480 Roses
Address: Cala Montjoi, a 7 km. del centro urbano.

With this dish Ferran Adrià takes us on a journey through some of the classic flavors of the Spanish gastronomic culture. Without changing anything essential, through the purity of flavor inherent in all his work, he is capable of offering us an unprecedented vision of these immaculate tastes. What’s more, he achieves this by respecting, or rather by preserving, the historical references. The truffle smells like truffle, the pistachio tastes like pistachio, and the tangerine has the tang of a tangerine. Clarity and plentitude of the ingredients abound. His magic and talent are confirmed in the combinations. The blend is superb. Of course, tangerine, although it seems unlikely, is the perfect complement to the truffle, and the nut is inextricably linked to the fruit, but the pistachio and the truffle were hitherto an undiscovered romance: a conjunction that expresses the sentiment of the dish. The clairvoyance here, aside from the conjunctive discovery made, is manifested in the textures with the incorporation of his two brilliant and predominant techniques of 2005. On one hand, the airs, which in 2004 – the year of their creation (carrot) – seemed banal on their own, reach their extraordinary magnitude when used simply as seasoning. On the other hand, lyophilization, which permits the possibility of breaking down the flavor of products to their very essence – as do the airs – produces such diverse textures that in this case we find ourselves somewhere between a dry meringue and a dry biscuit. Textures, airy and crispy, are completed by a truffle soup with a light meat base linked by a product that makes it possible to achieve the desired body of a juice without the need to boil it and without losing a shred of its flavor: xanthan gum. Investigation. Adrià style.

The Recipe

For the cream of peeled green pistachios

  • 140 g of green peeled pistachios
  • 240 g water


1.Grind the green peeled pistachios with the water in a blender until obtaining a cream
2.Pour the resulting cream into a Paco Jet container and freeze at -20°C.
3.Once frozen, pass through the Paco Jet 3 times then defrost in the refrigerator for 3 h to obtain a light cream.
4.Maintain in the refrigerator.

For the cold foam of green peeled pistachios

  • 250 g cream of green peeled pistachios (previously prepared)
  • 1 g salt
  • 1 ISI siphon of ½ l.
  • 1 charge of N2O


1.Mix the pistachio cream and salt with the indicated amount.
2.Strain and add in the siphon.
3.Cool in the refrigerator for 3 h.

For the foam of green peeled pistachios lyophilized

  • Cold foam of green pistachio(previously prepared)
  • 10 plastic cups with a capacity of 60 cc


1.Fill the plastic cups with the green pistachio foam and quickly place them in the lyophilizing machine.
2.Lyophilize for 48 h.
3.Once the foams are lyophilized, cut each one into three irregular pieces. (you will need 5 pieces per serving)
4.With the rest of the lyophilized foam, break and pulverize between two greaseproof sheets to obtain a powder.
5.Keep in the dehydrating machine so that the lyophilized foam doesn’t become moist.

For the poultry and beef consommé

  • 500 g chicken
  • 1500 g chicken skeleton
  • 500 g of beef knee bones
  • 50 g beef hock
  • 20 g carrots
  • 20 g leeks
  • 20 g onions
  • 2500 g water


1.Brown the beef bones in the oven.
2.Clean the chicken bones, discarding all the fat and remains possible. Brown in the oven.
3.Chop the beef hock.
4.Clean the chicken of all fats and offal, but leaving it whole.
5.Peel the onions and cut them into slices. Brown the onions in a saucepan
6.Peel the carrots and clean the leeks.
7.Place all the ingredients in a pot and cover with water.
8.Cook for 8 h. on low heat.
9.Strain. Approximately 1500 g should remain.

For the clarified poultry and beef consommé

  • 750 g of poultry and beef consommé (previously prepared)
  • 20 g carrots
  • 10 g leeks
  • 50 g ripe tomatoes
  • 75 g ground beef
  • 100 g egg whites
  • 15 g crushed ice


1.Bring the stock to a boil, when boiling lower the flame so that it maintains the heat without reducing the liquid.
2.Grate the tomato and leave it in a colander to drain the water.
3.Chop the carrot and leek into a brunoise
4.Mix the chopped vegetables together with the tomato and ground beef.
5.Add the egg whites to the mix and blend.
6.Mix the crushed ice with the mixture of egg whites.
7.Stir the consommé in a circular manner and slowly add in the mixture of egg whites.
8.Leave on minimum heat and very slowly raise the flame until it boils.
9.Remove from heat, let stand for 15 min, put a small hole in the mixture of egg whites in order to extract the consommé with a spoon. Adjust it to empty the contents, drain, and transfer it to a superbag.
10.Maintain in the refrigerator.

For the truffle juice with consommé

  • 75 g clarified poultry and beef consommé (previously prepared)
  • 175 g truffle juice, unsalted
  • 0.1 g xanthan gum
  • salt


1.Melt the consommé and mix it with the truffle juice.
2.Salt to taste. Add the xanthan gum and dissolve it with the help of a blender until there are no lumps remaining.
3.Maintain in the refrigerator.

For the tangerine juice air

  • 500 g tangerine juice Simone Gatto
  • 1.5 g powdered soy lecithin


1.Place the tangerine juice and lecithin in a tall container, 25 cm in diameter.
2.Emulsify the mixture with a blender, introducing the highest quantity of air possible so that the texture of the foam that forms on the surface is predominantly air.

Finishing and Presentation

1.On the opposite side of the relief in a large lunar eclipse plate, place the 5 pieces of lyophilized pistachio foam, following the border.
2.Divide the lyophilized powdered pistachio foam among the empty spaces formed by the 5 pieces.
3.Place three teaspoons of tangerine juice air between the pieces of lyophilized pistachio foam.
4.In a separate jar serve 40 g of truffle juice consommé per person, in order to serve it directly in front of the client.


Season: ALL YEAR


Teaspoons and small forks


Intercalate the lyophilized pistachio foam with the tangerine air and the truffle juice with consommé.