Campo de Belmonte Lard-Cured Manchego Chesse

Tierno Campos, S.A.

Country: Spain
City: 16640 Belmonte (Cuenca)
Address: Camilo José Cela, 16
(+34) 967170838
Price: 20 €/ kg

We have never tasted another cheese like this one, as far as Manchego is concerned. And if this producer and this brand already deserve high honors for their semi-cured version, their cured one, aged nine months in lard, breaks with the region’s gastronomic inclination to position itself light years ahead.

An ancestral, noble cheese in which the excellent ewe’s milk takes center stage, with a flavor of reduction, of concentration, of lactic essence—with clear presence of fat enhanced by age and the protection of the lard. Extremely condensed without losing life.

Tierno Campos produces about 2,000 kilos of this label annually. Each cheese weighs a minimum of 2.5 kilos. All production is done with milk from the family’s 1,000 sheep, which graze in the municipal district and the surrounding area.