Langhe Canobbio Tart

La Corte di Canobbio

Country: Italy
City: 12074 Cortemilia (CN)
Address: Plazza Oscar Molinari, 11
(+39) 017381262
Price: 16 € el kilo

The most legendary and popular tart in Langhe. It has two great virtues for being such a traditional, even basic dessert. On one hand, the spongy texture, bringing together a juicy, tactile character completed with the counterpoints of ground, crispy pieces. On the other hand, the flavor: exquisite and immaculate, glorious hazelnut, the renowned Piedmont hazelnut that is used in so many sweets (such as Gianduja where it shares the company of chocolate, hazelnut, cocoa, butter, egg and sugar. This tart is a stellar example of purity with a very tempered sweetness.