Pasta -Paccheri and Maccheroni- Gerardo Di Nola

Zia Dora Italia S.R.L.

Country: Italy
City: 80053 Castellemmare di Stabia (Nápoles)
Address: Via Plinio 40
(+39) 0818723644
Price: 4,52 € a 500g bag

Where pasta is concerned, there are varying tendencies and tastes, such as enriching with egg or not; we are in favor of it, as it gives it juiciness and richness. Among those made solely with durum wheat semolina and water, which are much more flour-like and remind us of the raw material, and of bread, this brand stands out for its exceptional class. The seal of the most prestigious producer in Campania does not appear in vain—and we all know this region’s reputation for ingredients. It tastes clearly and purely of the basic ingredient, giving it authenticity and character, with an amazingly consistent texture—it is almost impossible not to make al dente—that contributes to its uniqueness. It embodies the greatest possible refinement in a primary and rustic product while retaining these qualities.