Princesa de Minaya Saffron

Agrícola de Transformación y Comercialización

Country: Spain
City: 02620 Minaya (Albacete)
Address: Molinta, 17
(+34) 967450437
Price: About 8,4 € a ceramic jar of 2 g

An artisanal saffron of immense quality.

Maria Ángeles Serrano and her family cultivate this species on their 4-hectare property in the same town; it has an approximate annual production of 25 kilos, depending on the harvest. If being producers is important, the fact that they collect, prune and toast it themselves on a daily basis also has a decisive effect on its aromatic, gustative and coloring strength—and all three are very intense.

It is sold in transparent, opaque blue envelopes, rigid transparent boxes, small glass bottles, clay pots, metallic boxes and in ceramics, with multiple sizes.

This is the saffron used by Manolo de la Osa (Las Rejas restaurant).