Valmiel Rosemary Honey

María Teresa Gusano

Country: Spain
City: 16813 Valdeolivas (Cuenca).
Address: Caídos, 2
(+34) 969317018
Price: About €6 for a 500g jar

Between their two brands, Valmiel and Dehesa del Roblegal, the Gusano brothers produce about 15,000 kilos annually, 4,500 of which are rosemary honey.

Toasted cream in color. Creamy, granular, dense texture. Characterized by its extreme delicacy, immense floral flavor and well-executed harmony. At the start it is very subtle, but it gains intensity to take hold of the palate and last a long time, leaving a honeyed but not at all cloying sensation. In short, very refined, with strong character and extraordinary aftertaste. Addicting. From La Alcarria