Celery and fennel panacota with cucumber and seaweed juice

Celery and fennel panacota with cucumber and seaweed juice
Casa Marcial
Cuoco: Nacho Manzano
Nazionalita: Spain
Localita: 33549 Arriondas (Asturias).
Indirizzo: La Salgar, 10; 4 kilometres from city centre.

We have always claimed that Nacho Manzano was one of the most recommended Spanish cooks to get a personal message across and to display unshakable sensibility and balance as well as clear passion for Asturias. Here is another side of his art: conceptual and sapid universality combined with the love he feels for his land, expressed through its products and its historical recipes. This creation must be considered as one of his best regarding cosmopolitan character; a culture he combines and often synthetize with the local reality. A clearly universal proposal, based on Italy, with very plural and different fragrances the chef offers with the palatal and mental balance that distinguishes this pragmatic and mature artist. The dishes are always synonymous with emotions, which are always expressed with harmony and exquisiteness in search of very balanced nuances, without any shrillness. Another pleasure of this dish is that it shows us a new vision of Nacho Manzano in terms of desserts.

La Ricetta


Celery infusion:
1 l cream
1 unit of celery

Infuse the cream and the celery at 85º C for 2 hours with the lid on.


125 g cucumber juice
100 g natural apple juice
20 g sugar
5 g ginger
5 g lemon juice

Mix the juices with the sugar and grate the ginger.


600 ml celery infusion
150 g sugar
5 gelatin sheets

Hydrate the gelatin sheets in cold water and mix with the celery infusion and sugar at 65º C. Stir with a whisk.
Spread 1 cm thick in a mould and keep in the fridge.


Fennel infusion:
1 fennel bulb
250 ml water
Ingredients syrup:
100 g  sugar
100 ml water
2 g salt
2 gelatin sheets

Infuse the fennel bulb into the water at 85º C for 2 hours.
Mix the sugar and the water at low heat while stirring with a whisk.
Mix the infusion with the syrup, add 2 gelatin sheets, salt, mix with a whisk and add fennel branches.
Once set, lay over the panacota and keep in the fridge.

Place 2 pieces of panacota, 2 of baby cucumber and cover with seaweed, celery stalks, celery leaves and the cucumber and ginger juice.